The DIGIMIT 2002 HF SSB/CW Transmitter

The Digimit 2002 Transmitter

All digital QRP SSB/CW operations over all the HF bands.

Digimit 2002 is a QRP transmitter for SSB/CW radio amateur communications  in all the amateur H.F. bands. Controlled by a programmable logic integrated circuit and equipped with a rugged, fan-cooled 10 Wpep (100% duty cycle) power amplifier, the Digimit 2002 features full direct digital synthesis from microphone up to R.F.

Ever dreamed signal quality in a "Transmitter on a Chip"
Digimit 2002's programmable logic chip integrates the most demanding digital signal processing circuits required to synthesize a spectrally pure, SSB modulated RF signal, and two 8-bit microprocessor units which control the transmitter functionality, making Digimit 2002 the first “Transmitter on a chip” available to radio amateurs.
Synthesis of the transmit signal is performed at 90 Msps, with a digital Weaver modulator designed explicitely for SSB/CW operations. The unwanted sideband rejection filter of the modulator exhibits impressive sideband and carrier suppression ( 75 dB typ.) while mantaining a very flat and phase linear response (-0.5 dB at 300 Hz and 2700 Hz).  The digital tuner features high precision interpolators which keep alias images lower than 70 dBc, a 32 bit phase accumulator with a tuning resolution in the range of millihertz, and a CORDIC-based frequency converter whose spectral performance exceeds that of  today's best monolithic transmit DACs.

Bright VFT display

Digital readout of the operating frequency, the operating mode, the power output level and the transmitter status is provided by an high quality, bright vacuum tubes fluorescent display which allows easy monitoring of the transmitter under any observation angle and light condition.

No whistles and bells, sorry.

The front panel of Digimit 2002 is equipped with a rotary knob for frequency tuning, a seven pole microphone connector which features a PTT switch, UP/DOWN tuning controls and power supply output, and five buttons which select the operating band, the modulation, the tuning step, the CW keyer speed and the output power level.

Built-in Tx/Rx antenna switch and remote control interface

Digimit 2002 features an internal Tx/Rx switch which allows the connection of an external receiver to the antenna via a BNC connector available on the rear panel.
and a bi-directional remote interface by means of which the transmitter can either control or be controlled by other communication equipments.

MIC automatic gain control

The mic amplifier gain is digitally controlled. Digimit 2002 audio quality is excellent under a wide dynamic and its modulation depth always at maximum level.

Built-in CW keyer

Digimit 2002 comes equipped with a simple "slap mode" built-in keyer with a speed range of 10 to 50 WPM and operates in semi break-in mode. Straight key or external keyers are also supported.

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